Neck & Spine Wellness – Neck Posture Corrector

Neck & Spine Wellness

Neck & Spine Wellness - Neck Posture Corrector

Neck & Spine Wellness is a prevention app that helps you prevent neck/spinal pain by alerting when your neck angle is at a damaging position.

About Neck & Spine Wellness

The human head weighs about 12 pounds. But as the neck bends forward and down, the weight on the cervical spine begins to increase. Studies show the ratio to angle to pound as below… 15 degree angle: 27 lbs. 30 degree angle: 40 lbs. 45 degree angle: 49 lbs. 60 degree angle: 60 lbs.

Text neck, a term used by physicians to describe the neck/back/spine pain, is caused by looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices at a lower angle. Our neck & spine are most relaxed when in a neutral position.

This is very common amongst teenagers and adolescents. Holding a device at chest or waist level is very common while looking down is unconscious habit, which can be changed if reminded constantly.

This app will provide you with a correct angle that corresponds to pressure that you put on your neck & spine while using these devices at a dangerous level.


  • Get Notified when you and your loved ones are putting too much pressure on their neck while using smartphones and other devices.
  • Real-time tracking of weight on neck & spine to determine optimum postures.
  • Maintain history by the hour and keep track of your neck & spine pressures.
Neck & Spine Wellness

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