WPF Development

About WPF

Sofvare helps you to create seamless & powerful apps with WPF. Windows Presentation Foundation is a highly advanced presentation system from Microsoft that helps in creating visually appealing applications and custom software for large enterprises. WPF offers a consistent programming model for building applications for various industries and processes. This flexible technology can be used with your old service-based design architecture or new MVVM design pattern to handle large amounts of data.

At Sofvare, we have designed and developed numerous projects on WPF for many industries – from oil and gas to food and beverage, amongst others. Our products designed with WPF are highly secure, scalable, and robust. Trust our developers to bring hands-on expertise on the .NET architecture and WPF application development.

Advantages of WPF services

  • Multimedia integration for 2D and 3D graphics, videos, speech, and document viewing
  • Resolution independent applications allowing you to shrink or enlarge elements on the screen independent of your screen’s resolution
  • Easily customizable controls that ensure applications with radically different looks
  • Easy deployment on your current hardware with no need to upgrade all your systems
  • Smoother graphics and better performance with hardware acceleration
  • XAML declarative programming for a highly user-friendly interface
  • Easy separation of business logic and UI with different design patterns

Key Benefits

  • Worked with various US and global customers and developed enterprise-level products
  • Experience with different electronic systems such as temperature sensor, fluid valves and gas controllers, pressure reading sensors, various card and currency reader
  • Ability to create custom hardware and firmware board/devices which can be integrated and controlled with different software
  • Well-versed with analysing data and preparing different multi-model and succinct reports
  • All systems under this technology require communication with electronic and mechanical systems on a daily basis. Thus, we ensure complete testing, simulation and training at all stages
  • In fact, our services and products come with proper QA and UAT, saving your time in testing and increasing your business efficiency


  • We can develop pneumatic control and sensor system to automate the functionality of your machines
  • With our expertise in hardware/device load management, we can reduce the workload on your overused machines
  • The real-time information sharing ensures better decision-making and faster results
  • We also ensure device communication using different channels and protocols such as RS-232 & 485 serial interface
  • A timely alert system can raise flag to help avoid damage to your hardware investments
  • Manage and maintain all your devices under a single software solution
App Development
Maintenance Support

WPF Services:

  • Consulting – Architecture, migration, strategy & design
  • App Development – UI/UX development and customized implementation
  • Maintenance & Support – New feature integration, risk management
  • Other Services – Interoperability and data binding

Our Process

Sofvare brings you a cutting-edge, customized, and agile development process. You can save both, time and costs by designing, developing, and optimizing WPF desktop and web applications from our professionals. We follow a highly detailed and thorough process to build your software solutions.

Analysis & Strategy

  • Create a detailed document
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Prepare the scope-of-work documentation
  • Define the project architecture

Development & Implementation

  • Create mock designs
  • Build the wireframes based on customer feedback
  • Offer regular reporting of the development
  • Ensure an agile methodology

Delivery & Management

  • Conduct bug testing before final delivery
  • Handle the functional testing
  • Ensure user acceptance testing
  • Offer end-to-end support post delivery

Solutions you can build with WPF

  • MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)
  • Chat Solutions & Messaging System
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Graphics Development
  • Custom Control Development

WPF in Your Industry

While WPF solutions have gained immense appreciation in all industries, the food and beverage industry has been particularly rapid to embrace this technology. The need for precision dispensing systems has become more apparent than ever before. The labor-intensive processes that rely on the user to manually repeat the deposit sizes for the specific applications can lead to higher costs and lower production efficiency. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art fluid controllers and dispense systems software with WPF for high-speed automated dispensing on food and beverage products. We have also designed custom software for the oil and gas industry using WPF allowing smarter working and maximizing technology investments.

Unlock the potential of Big Data, streamline your operations, and automate your processes with Sofvare.

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Sofvare helps Startups, Small businesses and Enterprises to create simple and intuitive solutions for specific needs.

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